"Most original album I've heard in this scene in years. This band kicks ass!"
-Ted Phelps, Imperative Reaction

"There is a new beast in the genre who is going [to] devour the competition!"
-Amy Reynolds, COMA Music Magazine

"An Incredible Flashback of Genius! ...There is no sense of adapting to the mainstream,
but a nice underlying theme of 'f**k you.'"
-Joshywa Schrader, Asociated Content


Review by Amy Reynolds, COMA Music Magazine (The Lost EP - 2012)

Review by Phillip Fourie (Nytrox), Dark Power (The Lost EP - 2012)

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Review by Amy Reynolds, COMA Music Magazine (Horror EP - 2011)

Review by Amy Reynolds, COMA Music Magazine (Self-titled album - 2010)

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Cyber-Angels Interview (2010)

Review by Joshywa Schrader, Associated Content (Self-titled album - 2010)

Review by Side-Line Magazine (Self-titled album - 2010)

Dead Hand Projekt was "Artist of the Week" on Rant Radio's Normality. Taury Goforth and DHP Live Drummer, Jason Scamara, were given this "very UNORTHODOX" interview via phone by Vin K-otic.
07.02.10 - Rant Radio/Normality Interview


"Back again now with a new project, Taury Goforth, original singer-songwriter for HexRx’s album “X”, is proving to be forever in our faces with violent aggression and an enraged, fuck you attitude. Having been classified as “progressive old-school,” this face-lift to industrial music will make you stop bickering about how bad the food is and make you want to get up and punch the cook in the face.

This self-titled album should please most audiences due to the diversity in style throughout. This is not the same song over and over again, folks! This is a triumph of industrial glory! With songs like “Horror” and “Concrete” you’ll be forced to your feet by stompy dance beats. With tracks like “Desultory” and “Dejected”; you’ll be possessed by violent rage and angst. “Taste” is becoming the new fuck song for all clubs with it’s raunchy and overly imaginative/suggestive lyrics and tones.

This is a great album to add to any DJ’s, or music enthusiast’s, CD collection."


First release with Vendetta Music.

Original singer and songwriter for HexRx’s “X” album, Taury Goforth stays consistent in this new project of in-your-face vocals and attitude.

Performed with Hocico, Imperative Reaction, Rome, C/A/T, Dismantled, Diverje, Terrorfakt, The People’s Republic of Europe, W.A.S.T.E., Statik Sky, To Mega Therion, and many more.

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