Mastermind, Taury Goforth, has been making music as Dead Hand Projekt (aka DHP) since 2010. Originating in Southern California, Dead Hand Projekt was formed in January, 2010, and has been actively destroying our ear drums with gut wrenching vocals, filled with hate, disgust, and vile truths; and punching us in our faces with slamming beats, heart crushing bass, and devastating leads.

Dead Hand Projekt released its first and self-titled album in 2010, on August 17th. This album contains an astounding 15 original tracks; 14 listed and 1 (RoosterBoy) as a secret track on the physical CD.
Dead Hand Projekt - 'Dead Hand Projekt' was released on Vendetta Music

In the summer of 2011, DHP relocated its HQ to Denver, CO. On August 13th, 2011, Dead Hand Projekt performed in Denver, CO, bringing Gustavo Montaño on to play live keys. Soon after, on November 1st, 2011, DHP brought on another live member, Kiel McLaughlin, to play live keys as well as guitar.

A day short of a year after the self-titled DHP album was released, came a follow-up EP, "Horror", which had a release date of August 16th, 2011. This EP contained a radio edit version of 'Horror' (previously released on the self-titled album), 2 original tracks, and a remix of 'Dejected' by Imperative Reaction.
Dead Hand Projekt - 'Horror' EP was released on Vendetta Music

Both the self-titled album and the "Horror" EP were mastered by Ted Phelps of Imperative Reaction, as well as "The Lost EP"...

"The Lost EP" was released on March 13th, 2012. It included 4 original tracks, in which one of them, 'SuckItDry', debuted guitars by Kiel McLaughlin; introducing Kiel as being one of the well oiled gears in the ever evolving machine, called Dead Hand Projekt.
Dead Hand Projekt - 'The Lost EP' was released on Vendetta Music

On May 10th, 2013, DHP released the single, "Safe", which featured a remix of "SmellOfFear" by Aesthetic Perfection.
Dead Hand Projekt - 'Safe' single was released on Vendetta Music

On October 8th, 2013, came the highly anticipated release of Dead Hand Projekt's second full-length album, "Control." Featuring all new, original tracks, this album caught a lot of interest, as this release had more guitar, but still carried that recognized, and distinct style that is Dead Hand Projekt. People were finding themselves wanting to rock out and dance at the same time. This release is proof of the ever evolving machine that is DHP; showing that the Industrial genre is only just beginning!
Dead Hand Projekt - 'Control' was released on Vendetta Music

Dead Hand Projekt has performed with various live acts, such as:
Icon Of Coil
Velvet Acid Christ
Suicide Commando
God Module
Aesthetic Perfection
[x] - Rx
The Genitorturers
Dan Sperry
Komor Kommando
Mono Amine
The Strand
Red This Ever
and many more...

For more music from Taury Goforth, check out his soundcloud:

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