Our first OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO has finally been released! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the music video for "Safe" from our album 'CONTROL'. It was Produced/Directed by Justin Larwick, featuring Gustavo, Kiel, and Taury, as well as the astoundingly beautiful model, Rachel House. It's been a long time coming, but we hope you thoroughly enjoy it. We also hope that this will help launch us to the next platform. To help us keep making music videos, stop by the DHP SHOP and get yourself some tunes and some gear to rock out in! Thanks everybody!

I lied... I got to see the final edit on the music video, showed it to a couple friends, and decided that we need to get more footage. I'm really hoping that this video pays off. At least Gustavo is back in town and this will give us an oppurtunity to get him in the video.

BTW! Please stop by the DHP SHOP. We still have 50 signed Limited Edition copies of CONTROL left. Plenty of Ltd Ed gear, too. Thanks guys!

The video shoot went well. Looks like the final release of it will be at the end of March. What I'm hoping to do is make 2 more videos this year and eventually, a ways down the road, have enough footage and music videos to put together a DVD. But we'll have to just keep plugging away for that end result. A lot of personal funds are, and will be, going into this ultimate goal which will make it a long, drawn-out process to accomplish. I don't think kickstarters will work for us so, if you would like to help us out, please just stop by our online store and get yourself some cool gear. That does help out.

Thanks as always!

It's official! Going to be shooting our first music video this weekend. Going to be making a video for 'SAFE' off the latest release, 'CONTROL'. It should be a lot of fun. Got Kiel coming down to D-Town on Friday and we will be shooting Saturday night. Unfortunately, Gustavo could not make it up due to prior commitments, but we're not stopping with just one video and I'm sure he'll be able to make it for the next video shoot.

More info to come soon on that!

Holy fucking shit! So excited! The next full-length Dead Hand Projekt album, CONTROL, is to be release in just 5 DAYS! Pre-orders are available at the DHP SHOP, BANDCAMP, iTUNES, and AMAZON!

I believe that this album (as much of an evolution as every DHP release is measured) will be a great step forward; not just for Dead Hand Projekt, but for the striving Industrial community as a whole. We truly want to thank you for being proud supporters of what we do, and we hope that with every release we can continue to grow with our fans to make bigger and better things happen.

We still have plenty of our first run of Ltd Edition T-Shirts, Babydoll Shirts, and Patches left; as well as our Ltd Edition version of CONTROL (Only 100 being made and includes 2 exclusive BONUS TRACKS that are only available on the LE Version). Head over to our SHOP to help keep us being able to do what we do and get yourself something awesome at the same time.

We are also excited to announce our next upcoming shows:
Oct 19th - Casper, WY
Nov 16th - Bakersfield, CA
For more information, go to our SHOWS page.

Only 16 days left to get yourself a limited edition shirt or babydoll! (sound like a broken record now, but...) Only 50 are being made! You get a FREE EXCLUSIVE LTD EDITION PATCH with EVERY SHIRT you order. Click the image to the right to get yours! -->

Once again, the new DHP album, "Control", has a street date of Oct 8th! There are going to be 100 limited edition CDs with lots of extras that are going to be made as well. You will only be able to get your hands on these limited editions from Dead Hand Projekt (via the DHP SHOP online or at shows). They will be sold in consecutive order at a first-come-first-serve basis and the first 50 CDs will be signed by Taury Goforth and Kiel McLaughlin. Stayed tuned for pre-orders to come.

Next show for DHP will be in our hometown of Casper, WY on Oct 19th:
Facebook Event Page

Currently in the process of reviewing the mastered tracks for "Control".

Ordered the first run of Ltd Edition patches that you can only get for free with a pre-order of the new Ltd Edition babydolls and t-shirts. (click the image to the right to participate before time runs out)

Kiel's been in the hospital recently for a total of three weeks. We may created some pre-order only merch, which all proceeds will go to helping him with his bills.

Gustavo will be going in for some surgery in mid-August, so send him your thoughts during this time. He should be healed up and we should be ready to start doing shows again in October.

Here is the new promo video from our photoshoot for the upcoming DHP release, "Control". It featurings our single, "SAFE", which you can get by clicking the cover to the right.

The fourth release is finally here! Dead Hand Projekt proudly presents to you, "SAFE"; the new digital single featuring an exclusive remix by Aesthetic Perfection! The remix is of a track you may know from the self-titled CD, SmellOfFear. This single is to prelude the upcoming full-length album to come out later this year. For only $2 for this release, you can enjoy new music and help us release the new CD. Just click the cover to the right to get it now!

The artwork for this single was done by Alex from Head over there to check out his other awesome work.

Sad news brought to those of you that were looking forward to seeing DHP on the West Coast stretch of the 'War On All Sides' Tour. I'm sorry to say that the previously announced Bakersfield [CA] show has been cancelled. We were in the works of performing the following areas, in which have all been cancelled for this tour:

Boise, ID
Spokane, WA
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA
Reno, NV
Bakersfield, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Phoenix, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Albuquerque, NM

The reasons for this stretch of tour being cancelled range from promoter schedule conflicts, lack of attendance at live shows for previous events or other live performances/tours put on by those venues/promoters (leaving those promoters/venues unable to afford it), promoters not acting in a professional manner by simply not replying back to my e-mails/messages when inquiring their interest, promoters running into personal financial crisis or injuries, etc.

At some point the amount of funds from shows that I was able to book didn't cover the costs of gas, let-alone other tour expensenses such as (but not limited to) food and a place to sleep. I would have had to spend $1000+ to afford to do the shows that were booked out of my pocket. I simply can't afford that, especially since I was taking time off of work to do the tour and I have to cover rent and other bills.

I am NOT defeated and the decision to cancel this stretch of the tour was so that DHP can continue to exist and fight another day. I plan to attempt another tour to perform these areas again in the near future. (You pick your battles to win the war)

How can you help us to be able to perform your city in the future? You can begin by going to shows/events in your local area. Support your local scene. Then you can talk-up Dead Hand Projekt to your local promoters and let them know your interest in seeing us perform. We can do 1-off shows if a promoter is interested in booking it, but I can guarentee that it will cost them less if they book us for when we are on tour. Also know that I don't charge more than my costs. I like to make sure promoters are able to continue to book shows and support their local crowds (you).

I will say this to promoters: If you want to thrive and be able to afford to continue on, don't book the same fucking bands that won't get off the fucking road. Nobody wants to see a band they've seen twice already THAT YEAR! I'm sorry if the truth and the obvious upsets you. I don't shy away from stating the facts and being blunt about it. I'm only saying it so that you can survive another day and so that there is a place for music like mine.

With all of this said... The tour itself is not completely dead. I was able to hold on to 3 shows. I proudly present to you the 'War On All Sides' Tour as it stands now:

Casper, WY (03.02.13)
Salt Lake City, UT (03.04.13)
Colorado Springs, CO (03.06.13)

We have an amazing performance planned. Be sure that you don't miss it if you can make it out to any of these shows. The first time we plan to reveal our new "upgraded" show will be at the Velvet Acid Christ show in Denver, CO on Feb 9th (click the flyer in the upper-right to rsvp and see more details). This will be Velvet Acid Christ's first show in 12 years. It's going to be a historical event, so DO NOT MISS IT!

Please support. I can't do this without it.


Next show! We will be a supporting act for Velvet Acid Christ's first show in 12 years! This will be happening on February 9th at Casselmans in Denver. We also have a treat in store for those that attend. A whole new show for you! We've been pouring a lot into it and we know you're going to love it. We also intend to add at least one new unreleased song to our set list, but we're shooting for two.

Also in the works and coming together is our 'War On All Sides' Tour. This is going to be in March. We're have the following states planned out:

New Mexico

Keep an eye as these shows are announced on our SHOWS page. Help spread the word and we hope to see you guys soon!

Dead Hand Projekt is currently stockpiling new songs for multiple releases (YAY!). DHP is also getting ready for the upcoming Suicide Commando show in Denver on October 20th (YAY!).

Something new... Taury will be putting on an intimate show for the fans (you), where you will be able to meet and hang-out with the band after their set. This is going to be a unique show, because it is the first show that Taury has put together himself. The idea is that he wants to share great local acts with you that he thinks are deserving of your attention. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC! This will be the first of many "DEAD HAND PROJEKT Presents" shows; shows put on for the artists by the artists. It's a new attempt that Taury hopes will bring the fans closer to the band, and hopefully get them involved with other great bands.

This "DEAD HAND PROJEKT Presents" will be featuring DHP (ofc), Blackcell, and Blister Agent; with guest DJ, Katastrophy. It will be at the Lion's Lair in Denver, CO on November 8th. So, if you're in the area, be sure to come out and have a drink with Taury, Kiel, and Gustavo!

As always, Dead Hand Projekt is always moving forward! We're doing shows, recording new music, and hopefully getting a music video together for one of the new songs! Budget talks are in the works on the video, and we're trying to get a list of promoters all over the world to try and put a tour together. If you, or someone you know is a promoter and would be interested in having Dead Hand Projekt playing a show in your backyard, then hit us up at CONTACT@DEADHANDPROJEKT.COM! And keep spreading the word! Have your friends check out the Dead Hand Projekt Facebook page at and tell them to Like it. More Likes means it'll be easier for us to do shows in your area!

Be sure to check out the great deals we have going on over at the DHP SHOP! We have a big package deal of a Hoodie, Baseball Cap Beanie, 3 Buttons, 2 Stickers, and a Keychain going for only $60!

Or, if you would prefer, a DHP White Logo Tee + Baseball Cap Beanie for only $30!

Both great deals! Any purchase at the DHP SHOP helps keep us actively recording music and playing shows. If you didn't enjoy what we do, then you wouldn't be reading this, so help us out! Every little bit helps.

It's finally here! The Lost EP is finally out as of to-fucking-day! Go to the DHP SHOP > MUSIC and use the links provided to get it from the site of your preference! OR! ... I guess we can just give you a link... Here ya go!

Dead Hand Projekt will not only be performing Seattle at the Highliner on April 5th, but DHP will also be performing Portland at The Lovecraft on April 7th! Be sure to check out either show if you're in the area! We hope to be bringing brand new merch with us!

Just remember! Only you guys, the fans, can keep DHP alive and pumping out the tunes! So every individual's support is greatly appreciated!

We're ranked #1 on the ReverbNation Punk charts for Denver, CO and #3 on the ReverbNation Punk charts for the United States today!

There's a great review of the upcoming EP, "The Lost EP", by Amy Reynolds at Coma Music Magazine! In our opinion, Amy Reynolds is the shit! Thee End! Be sure to check that out on the link below:

You can now pre-order new DHP gear! We have Hoodies, Thongs, Racerback Tank Tops, and Spaghetti-Strap Tops for the ladies! Check all of that out in the DHP SHOP in the CLOTHING section with the SHOP link up above!

Also, check out the SHOWS section up above. We have recently added a Seattle show which will be at The Highline on April 5th! We're working on more shows to follow, so stay posted here and on our Facebook pages!

And for our fans in Casper, WY: Be sure to head down to Sonic Rainbow and request that they book Dead Hand Projekt to play for their upcoming 20th Anniversary celebration! Also be sure to pick up the self-titled Dead Hand Projekt CD from Sonic Rainbow if you don't have it already. If they don't have it in, be sure to request that they start carrying it!

The release date for the to-be-released "The Lost EP" has been reissued, making the new release date March 13th. We apologize for the intense suspense, but we promise that this
is gonna be worth it! Here's the press release for this EP:

"Back again for a third release; Dead Hand Projekt is once again in our faces with ear-bending aggression and attitude with this outstanding EP. DHP is showing us that it can constantly grow with great diversity and still stay true to its roots and the foundations that has grasped fans by the throat.

Starting this radical EP out (with all new original tracks), DHP uses "Prick" to keep the floors packed and stompy, as it elbows its way through to "SuckItDry," leaving the ground covered in blood, and the air drenched with sweat and angst.

"You never expect to win in any fight. You just lunge head-first and be sure to do some damage before it's over!" Taury Goforth rages. "...I don't choose to be; I am!" ...and this EP shows it with its continuous IDGAF on-slaught.

"The Lost EP" is a great addition to any DJ's arsenal, and a tasty treat for any listener."

A release date has finally come to light for DHP's "The Lost EP"... *dramatic drum roll* February 14th! Valentine's Day (aw... you totally want to get this for your sweetie, now, don't you!). Unfortunately, for those of you that love your remixes, this release will not have one. NOPE! All new and original tracks only! And they are as follows:

1) Prick
2) aKiLLeR
3) TheTiredWillFight
4) SuckItDry

To the right, you'll notice the fancy-shmancy cover art made and designed by Taury himself! Marvel in its marvelousness! ...If you want a sneak peak at this EP, click the following link:

Welp! That's what we got for ya! Be sure to check out updates and links on the DHP Facebook and don't forget to stop by the DHP SHOP! Without your support, DHP can't continue to tear out your ear drums with teeth and utter satisfaction! PEACE OUT BEEYITCHES!!

Dead Hand Projekt is gearing up for another EP release! This one looks to have 5 tracks; one in which is a remix. This may be out about January. More info to come!

Also! ...There is still 4 days left on the T-Shirt and CD Deal going on at the DHP SHOP! Get these two great items for only $20! AND! ... In celebration of Taury's birthday (at the end of November), the DHP SHOP Team is having a huge sale on all DHP Merch starting November 12th. This sale will last through November 30th, so be sure to take advantage! Click here to check out great gear for great prices at the DHP SHOP!

It's finally here! The new DHP EP, "Horror," came out today! Be sure to get it at in either MP3 or WAV format:
Or get it on iTunes:

Also, check out this great review from COMA Music Magazine by Amy Reynolds. She says that "Annihilation" will make you "want to punch someone and run around in circles!" That's fucking awesome! XD

Ok, so here's the news... Due to a bad case of pneumonia (in both lungs, which sucked something horrible), "Horror" is becoming an EP once again. It will have the original 4 song layout as planned before and is coming out August 16th. The next full length will be coming out this fall.

Also on the agenda are two confirmed shows:
1) The "Until Death..." Festival in Denver, which Dead Hand Projekt will be performing with great acts such as Combichrist, Icon Of Coil, W.A.S.T.E., The Strand, and many more! This Festival will kick off with a Deathwish club night on Fri. August 12th, and bands will be performing at Casselman's August 13th and 14th. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at door. It is 21+ so be sure to bring your ID.
2) Wasteland Weekend is also a confirmed gig. This will be in September of this year. For more information on this event, visit

I know what you're thinking... You're think, "God damnit! I need more DHP goodness for my ears!" Well, I'm here to tell you the good and bad news. Bad news is the Horror EP won't be coming out on the 14th of this month and is here by postponed. The good news is that instead, it's going to be made into a full CD; including at least 6-7 new tracks, 3 remixes from the first album, and a radio edit of "Horror!" That will make this the 2nd full album release from Dead Hand Projekt!

ALSO!... A new member has been added to the DHP Live line-up! Now playing live keys is Gustavo Montaño! He will be performing for the first time at a Denver show in August (TBA).

And if you haven't yet, be sure to take advantage on the "T-Shirt and Hat Deal!" Click here for more info.

So, now that you're in the "know", don't you feel better!? And your answer is... YES!!!

A lot has happened since the last News post...

On April 12th, DHP CDs were officially put on store shelves around the world! For those of you that haven't gotten your CD yet, go to you local Best Buy, etc., and see if you can't find yourself a copy for your destructive pleasures!

On another note, the DHP SHOP has had a couple new items added, so if you haven't check that out yet... DO SO NOW! Some shirts, and baby-dolls were added, as well as Beanies and Baseball Caps, which are soon on the way!

And to top-off the good news, the 2nd DHP release, "HORROR," is to be out June 14th! This single (EP) will feature a Radio Edit of Horror, 2 killer new tracks and a stomping club mix of Dejected from Imperative Reaction. This will be out on iTunes, Beatport, and more!

Tonight's the night! At midnight tonight, the DHP SHOP will finally go LIVE! As well as the Dead Hand Projekt Street Team Site (AKA "The Basement"), where there will be Profiles, Missions, Accomplishments, and more! You'll be able to get involved, keep track of your stats, compare with others, and turn in Mission Points for Rewards that keep on giving! You will also be able to move up in rank among your peers! Check it all out after midnight tonight by clicking here!

What's going on with DHP, you might ask? Well, is getting a new store with over 25 items and some new limited editions, as well as a part of the site for DHP Street Team Members that features Profiles, Missions, Exclusive Rewards, Achievements, and more! Also, a new digital single is being written and put together that will feature 2 versions of a song from the self-titled album and will be accompanied by 2 brand new songs! Things are always in the works...

Also, to announce the newly appointed Street Team Lead, Rhiannon "Rhi", will be heading up a large portion of our Street Team activities... and it just so happens to be her birthday... So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RHI! Have fun at the strip joint! :D

All new area of the site is now up and available! Check it out by going to SHOP > FREE STUFF! (and get some free stuff while you're at it!) ;)

Only 17 days left until our show at Bar Sinister in Hollywood, CA! Be sure to check out the details on the SHOWS page! ALSO!... Do yourself a favor and Recommend DHP to your Friends or I'll make Jason (live drummer) fuck you in the ear with his BIG DONG!! ...That is all.

DEAD HAND PROJEKT is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes!! It also comes with a digital booklet! If you have already heard (or own) this bad ass release then please take time to write a review:

AND...Another show has been scheduled! Dead Hand Projekt will be headlining at Bar Sinister (in Hollywood, CA) on November 27th! Also performing is Savi0r and Dan Sperry "The Anti-Conjuror". You can buy advance tickets and find out more by going to the SHOWS page.

Also, if you haven't already, join our mailing list to get exclusive DHP deals, news, and more! CLICK HERE NOW! If you are interested in becoming an Official Member of the Dead Hand Projekt Street Team, be sure to check the corresponding check box. The DHP Street Team isn't a bunch of slave-bitches either! You can earn free and exclusive DHP swag for completing missions! Some shit you can only get by being a part of the DHP Street Team! So, don't be a slave-bitch and show your colors!

Good news! The "SHOP" is finally operational and you can now purchase the CD according to your region of this vile planet! Just go to SHOP and then click MUSIC. The other categories that you can choose from are as follows: CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES, and LTD EDITION (Limited Edition). These will not be up for now, but will be shortly. A DHP Box Set will also be put up and is currently in the works. All Box Sets have been decided to be of limited quantities and will be considered collectibles; each one listing a specific number out of the quantity made. As of now, only 25 will be made for the upcoming 1st Edition. Stay posted and keep an eye out, because these will only be sold here, at!

Another piece of good news is that shows are being set up, so if you missed out before, no worries, you will soon get your chance to see your new favorite band ;) So, keep your eye out on the SHOWS page and here to see if we might be doing an event near you (if not, book a flight out and come see us anyways! :P)

That's it for now! We'll get back to ya with updates, as always. If you have any questions or comments, shoot us an e-mail:! If you have a question that you want posted with an answer on this site, just write to and put "Q&A" as the subject, and Taury Goforth will answer your question directly and it will be posted here and the next newsletter! If you would like to start recieving the DHP Newsletter,

On top of now being ranked #25 on ReverbNation's Rock Charts; THE SELF-TITLED ALBUM IS FINALLY OUT!!
Be sure to get your copy of what critics have been raving about!

"Most original album I've heard in this scene in years. This band kicks ass!" -Ted Phelps, Imperative Reaction

"There is a new beast in the genre who is going [to] devour the competition!"

-Amy Reynolds, COMA Music Magazine

"An Incredible Flashback of Genius! ...There is no sense of adapting to the mainstream,
but a nice underlying theme of 'f**k you.'"

-Joshywa Schrader, Asociated Content

Get your CD now at! And while you're there, check out the other great artists on Vendetta!


Also, the entire site has been updated. There are now seperate sites so that you can access the site easily from your smart phone and you can play with more flash functions from your computer. It should be a lot more functional and since new toys are now available, you should run through all the pages and see what's new!

New schedule events for Dead Hand Projekt are now up and running on the "SHOWS" page, as we promised. Make sure you check in from time-to-time to see if there's something going on near you. There is an interactive map, but because it uses flash, it will only be available on the "From Your Computer" part of the site.

And mentioned on the previous News post, if the DHP rank on the ReverbNation Rock charts changed, that we would let you guys know. Well, it did and we now rank #28! We appreciate it and hope that it continues on its steady climb! We'll continue to keep you informed.

What's going on with DHP as of late? How does, getting ready for the release of the long-awaited DHP self-titled album, sound?! We finally have the date of our release available! August 17th is our given date! Soon, or even on this day, you will see CD release parties popping up here and there. So that you savage beasts don't have to scurry and claw at people's faces just to try and figure out where these release parties are and when, we will do you the favor of announcing here and on our other social website accounts, as well as compile a list that we'll put together in our "SHOWS" section. We'll even be attending a good portion of these release parties and giving a few CDs out in person! Stay posted and be sure to become a fan/friend on these sites, to be sure that you don't miss anything: DHP on ReverbNation, DHP on MySpace, DHP on Facebook (personal), DHP on Facebook (group), DHP on Twitter, and we recently set up an account on

Another piece of news, we apparently rank #35 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for the Riverside, CA area! A big thank you goes out to those of you that helped us achieve that. If it changes or fluxuates, we'll try and keep you posted.

That's about it. Until next time, I would recommend fucking a stranger and if they try anything funny, stab 'em in the face with a soldering iron! CHEERS!

It looks like DHP is starting to get a little buzz going... Recently, we were informed of a good review that was put up and we'd like to share that. The reviewer's name is Joshywa Schrader, and here's the link. Also, we were interviewed by Cyber Angels, so be sure to check that out.

DHP would like to thank Normality, on Rant Radio, for making us the "Artist of the Week" last week. We had a lot of fun doing the interview (DHP interview with Normality). And for you folks interested in the details: Normality is on every Tuesday and Friday from 7pm-9pm and if you want to listen in, you are more than welcome to come back here to click on this link. Thanks again Vin.

Also, time is running short the pre-order. So, once again, the pre-order is selling for only $10 and includes mp3s of the album that you can download as soon as you order. This won't be the case after the album is out so, hurry now. CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Another piece of news: Dead Hand Projekt will be performing at this year's Vendetta Festival in Denver, CO. We get to tell you here first. So feel special! When tickets are available, we will be sure to keep you informed!

Dead Hand Projekt's self-titled album is still up for pre-order. It's selling for $10 on, and when you pre-order you will also recieve instant downloads of the high-quality mp3s of the album. This means that you get to destroy shit before the cd is even officially released! CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!

Dead Hand Projekt will also be putting it's "SHOP" up for online order soon. The merch that will be availble (so far) are Stickers, Shirts, CDs, Keychains, Buttons, and Posters. Stay posted and keep your ear to the ground!

If you are a DJ and would be interested in spinning DHP, please contact us at Put "Interested in Spinning DHP" as the subject title and list your DJ name, Club(s) that you DJ at, and location of the Club(s). And be sure to put your e-mail address, so that we can forward your information to our record label!