(Lyrics written by Taury Goforth)

Your invitation, is getting to you,
Your inspiration, is letting you down,
Your aspirations, are dying with you,
You stand to fight it, with noone around!
I came to warn you, you'll pick yourself up,
* Up and down you're, go-ing to fail,
Can you stand it, to fight the good fight,
* Can't understand it, but still you go on!

Ride fantasia,
side and take on,
Left to decay,
Release don't be afraid.
Take salvation,
Steal and brace on,
Let tomorrow,
Break your sorrow!

Down left don't breathe
(I've got to break away)
Now you stand up
(Release don't be afraid)
Proud and can't see
(Blind you can swing away)
You fight a-lone
(Make a dent before you GO!)
GO GO Go Go go go...