(Lyrics written by Taury Goforth)

Fuck you clowns I came here to fight,
There's no living; you're afraid to die,
Choke on this I give you my fist,
Drowning yourself in a pool of piss!
Fuck you up I'll fuck you right,
Take me down and show me a second time,
Stay at the bottom to see you fall.
No room at the top; no room at all!

Test me, I'll take you.
Fight me now and know me later on,
Lick me, I'll taste you.
Fuck me now and know me later on,
Hate me, I'll hate you.
I'll make you sick every time you think of me.
Like me, I like you.
I'll make you wet every time you think of me.

SAFE! I make you wet!
SAFE! I make you sweat!
SAFE! I make you moan!
You come undone!
SAFE! I bite you bleed!
SAFE! I smile you scream!
SAFE! I slow down time!
I take what's mine!

Anger take me, for a ride,
chase the shadows, fall in time,
Follow hopeless, we'll all lose,
Carry pride, for all my bruises.

Take me down and take me right,
I'll stand with you when all hope has died,
If we lose we know we tried,
Nothing desperate we know wrong and right.