(Lyrics written by Taury Goforth)

I've got -
a bad habit -
I know I can't -
help it I fail -
to break it!

I'm glad -
I have you in -
my life broken -
I can't fix me


You can't fix me,
I can't help it,
I'm so broken,
Can't help but bring you down.
Time just wasted,
I can't fix it,
I'm so gone now,
Nothing - can bring me down.

I say I'm eclectic,
Life is so hectic,
I'm just wishing,
I could get a break.
You see me screaming,
From floor to ceiling,
Can't stop feeling,
Helpless - I can't come down.

Now I'm thinking,
I'm not worth it,
Don't stand with me,
I'll just - bring you down.
This tornado,
It's going too fast,
Can't catch my breath,
Angry - I bring us down.

Don't have it in me,
Just keep moving forward,
Savage heart still beating,
I just keep being me.
I can do this by myself,
Start over daily,
I don't wanna have it,
Me and this fucking habit.