(Lyrics written by Taury Goforth)

Fear and hate aren't one in the same,
Must isolate my anger towards your face,
I daydream about destroying soon,
Until I realize I'm stabbing you!
What if one of these days I snap go,
Crazed rage blood and I'll see red,
So contemplate what you've done to piss me off,
Fear and hate aren't one in the same.

Fear and courage are seperate entities,
You can be afraid won't stand up to me,
Smart so I see that you're a thinker,
So I'll cut your throat and throw you in the river.
Brave lad stood up to a killer,
So I smashed his face into a pillar,
I've got too many bodies in my cellar,
So I grabbed this fuck and threw him in the river.

This thing,
It's killing me.
The hatred,
Coming down on me.
My hate,
Will die with you.
Save me,
Kill yourself.

Who am I and what's THIS THING,
What I stood for IT'S KILLING ME,
I'm filled up with THE HATRED,
And now I feel it COMING DOWN ON ME,
What I know now is MY HATE,
Will it end it WILL DIE WITH YOU,
Will any of this SAVE ME,
Questions make you KILL YOURSELF.