(Lyrics written by Taury Goforth)

You stuff your pockets full of lobbyists!!
Tied - down bloody ground,
You make your country proud!
Isn't it funny how justice is found!

Nothing is how it seems!
The problem!
You can't hear the screams!
THe problem!
You watch it on the screen!
The problem!
It's harmless like your dreams!
Their problem!

Club foot country has a lot of AGGRIVATION!
Mishap no map what's our final DESTINATION!
Masked representive of our NATION!
we're stranded from the world and from our SALVATION!
Why should we vote it's just another POLITICIAN!
With a bank account we fueled by INFLATION!
With oil to spare for their MASTURBATION!
We know it's going on yet we have the PATIENCE!