(Lyrics written by Taury Goforth)

Sinking deeper into reality,
Undeniable dilemmas sinking into the freak, (out)
Digging deeper under civility,
Getting under the skin to build immunity! (virus)

Stabbing inward gutted with brutality,
Trying to find out what makes the greed, (pain)
Crawling through the pissed mortality,
The flesh around my neck makes it hard to breathe! (hate)

So who's the savior who's the messiah?
Who's the martyr and who's the liar?
Who's got the pride? the ignorant side arm!
Who's gonna put the spear in my side?
Careful cuz I'll kill you right back!

I don't break got an itching imagination,
Sin so deep it makes an indentation,
So fucked up in the head can't feel the sensation,
Rebel rebel you still play their game. TIed!
Down or up you're still fucked in patience,
Can't wait or pay people their fucking dues,
Selfish yes you are you try to make it about you,
It isn't unless you're willing to piss me off! FUCK YOU!

Fuck your innocence give me back what's mine!
check time endless hours of wasted moments,
Attention directed at aimless desultory I,
Don't say fuck enough so fuck you very much!