(Lyrics written by Taury Goforth)

Death be clean,
Death be the zombie,
(2) I can't sleep,
but I can dream!
Savage wrath,
I'll be the hammer,
(2) heavy am,
I the cancer!
Take me now,
or take me never,
put me to sleep,
So I can have,
*MY - Dreams,
I am the cancer!

I've - waited.
Why - test me?
So - jaded.
I - still dream!

Time we make,
We made time,
Shaded trust,
We all rust,
Why can't you get it!?
I am the (cancer)!

Can't stop taking you,
all for myself so,
Just you realize,
I'm the one that steals your life!
Don't you stop fighting,
Yet (12) I like the challenge,
Yeah - stop your crying,
You're only dying!